Letter from Our Founder

Dear friends,

I’d like to welcome you to my organization’s website.

During my time campaigning for Governor Romney during the 2012 Presidential Election, I had the opportunity to speak with many young voters nationwide. They would tell me that they weren’t voting for President Obama because of his positive record, but rather because they refused to consider voting for a Republican.

To me, this was proof of a big problem: today’s new class of voters is overwhelmingly against the Republican Party. The party’s image has been badly battered, and no one has had success in refuting the negative and false stereotypes plaguing Republicans among young voters.

I want to be the difference maker through Voices of Conservative Youth. It’s time for the next generation of conservatives to begin defining our party and begin taking a lead.Jushua_Nass3

Young people are conservative at the core. They believe in limiting the size of government. They believe in a free-market economy that will be strong enough to give them jobs after college. But many young voters feel alienated by some of the Party’s positions on social issues. We need to take away that barrier between the Republican Party and our nation’s future.

Today, many young voters feel ignored by the Party. Our organization is dedicated to recruiting the next generation of Americans to our movement. We’re convinced that if we can effectively combat the false stereotypes that plague Republicans, we’ll be able to change the way the Party is perceived.

We can do this together, but we need your help. We urge you to join us in this historic movement, and get involved.

God bless you and God bless the United States of America.
Best regards,

Joshua Nass